Amsterdam Sails

Amsterdam sails for Ukraine

Amsterdam sails for Ukraine

We, boat owners and skippers from Amsterdam, would like to help the people of Ukraine. That’s why on the 24th of February (exactly one year after the start of the war) and the weekend of the 25th and 26th we offer boat trips for everyone who’d like to donate. The trips on a classical Dutch ‘saloon boat’ or on an open boat (with canopy) take about an hour.

The war has caused tremendous suffering in Ukraine. The Ukranians lack medical supplies, preservable food, generators, heating equipment and so on. The proceeds of our initiative will be used to buy all those products. One of our skippers will drive them to the Ukraine border in person. Transportation within Ukraine will be handled by The Canada Way, a trustworthy aid organization.

All donations will be handled by the On My Way UA foundation, with which we closely work together. The On My Way UA foundation is recognized by ANBI.

Amsterdam sails for Ukraine

How can I participate?

On February 24, 25 and 26 you will find our boats moored at the pier of the Hermitage museum (Amstel 51, Metro Waterlooplein). We’ll start at 9:30 AM. First boats will leave at 9:45 AM and will be back at around 10:45 AM. Next shift will leave at 11:00 AM. Pick your boat and time slot, contribute a voluntary amount (normally a tour costs 15 per person) and you’re in!

Like to make a trip with a larger group? We may have a boat just for your company. Please contact Gerrit Bakker at +31612807808 or Gerrit will be able to provide a boat for a longer period of time