We are always looking for drivers...

...who want to bring relief goods to the Ukrainian border and take refugees back to the Netherlands. We work together with well-organised reception locations at the Polish and Romanian borders where you can deliver needed relief goods and pick up refugees who want to drive to the Netherlands.

After registration, we will check your identity and provide you with the link to the online community. In this community you will find clear instructions in our Driver Guide on how best to help and everything you need to travel with confidence.

The community is also a place for you to meet other drivers and ask questions. Before you leave, we'll let you know which supplies you should take with you. During your trip, you will be in contact with other drivers who are on the road and people who have driven before. On the way back, we will give you the address of a small, reliable shelter where you can bring the refugees. We support both bus drivers and drivers of smaller vehicles. Every help is welcome!

Our partners

We work together with

Netherlands for Ukraine Foundation

Fastlane Ukraine

Friese rijders voor Oekraïne

People for People