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About On My Way UA

“In the coming days I will go to the border with Ukraine to pick up mothers and their children. I can’t stand by and want to do something. Let me know if you want to drive too. Many women and children are on the run. Not everyone dares to get into a car with a strange man. So I want to go there as a wife and mother too.” – Marloes Pomp

Following the above post on Linkedin, Marloes received many responses from other people that they also wanted to pick up refugees, but did not know exactly how to go about it. A fun, energetic and helpful community emerged, called On My Way UA. In this online community, drivers exchange experiences and tips. As a result, a lot of practical knowledge and a network of contacts at the border in Poland and Romania were built up in a short time. We also have a bridge with contacts in Ukraine itself, with whom we can meet in the neutral zone across the border.

Local teams can use our knowledge to form driver teams themselves (e.g. On My Way UA Maastricht). That way, we all get the most done!

Our goal

To provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The foundation tries to achieve its objective by: providing humanitarian aid; acquiring as much support and resources as possible by informing and mobilizing the Dutch public by means of fundraising actions; cooperating with various organizations and institutions; improving the safety; shelter and information supply, for the benefit of these refugees.

Remuneration Policy

No rewards are given to anyone. The organization uses volunteers, there are no employees. The directors receive no remuneration for their activities.

RSIN 8637.68.489

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Marloes Pomp


Wouter Neef


Jonathan Gurevich


Loes Engwerda

Roëlle Zijlstra

Maureen Havenaar

Jan Willem Visser

Peter Pijpelink


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