On My Way UA

We are a community of volunteers that drive to and from the Ukrainian border. To the border with relief supplies and back with refugees, who we house via our partner organizations. In our community we help each other to make as much impact as we can. Thanks to our network and people on the ground we can help ‘our’ volunteers 24/7 with up-to-date information.

What is On My Way UA?

If you are interested in picking up Ukrainian refugees from Poland or Romania, you can register via the ‘I want to drive’-form. We will check your identity and you will receive from us an e-mail with instructions. In the email, you will find a link that gives you access to the online community, where you will find our Driver Guide with all the information you need for your trip. The online community gives you direct access to other drivers, where you can ask questions and get useful tips.

Most driver teams raise their own money for transport, fuel, accommodation and donations to take with them. If you do not raise enough money, we can supplement the budget from our donation jar. We can help you and your network with a good and up-to-date donation list, so you can fill your car or bus with the right stuff for the location you are driving to. Our donation manager can also link you to local initiatives that are looking for transport.

Once you arrive, you can drop off the items at a location designated by us. If you have enough time, you can also drive to a local supermarket and pharmacy (Apteka) to buy and hand over supplies. If necessary, you can also use the donation jar for this. In this way we can quickly meet the most current needs at the different locations at the border and in Ukraine itself. Because you share your knowledge and contacts with the rest, we can provide fast, flexible, effective and high quality assistance.

We cooperate with other aid organizations both in the Netherlands and in Poland, Romania, and Ukrain so that they can help where necessary.


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